Project Brief


SKILLS21 is a workshop-based skills development program for undergraduate students at McGill. The site was newly created in Jan 2019, and it allows students to learn and register a variety of workshops offered on campus. The goal of this project was to gather students' feedback regarding the site and learn if there were any improvements we could possibly make. My role was to prepare the plan, conduct the usability tests, and analyze the results.

Research Questions:
  • Can students access the SKILLS21 registration form? Where can they find more information about the SKILLS21 streams? 

  • Can they find any information regarding the Co-Curricular Record?

  • Can students efficiently find information they need when they needed through exploring the site?


Goals: ​
  • Ensure students to learn about five streams and complete the stream quiz.

  • Ensure students to access the registration page and find the the Co-Curricular Record.

  • Ensure students to have a good experience and find information when needed.

Usability Testing 

We set up a table in the library. 13 undergraduate students and 3 graduate students completed the tests with us, and each participant received $5 Starbucks gift card at the end. We asked them to complete 10 tasks. Alex (my supervisor at TLS) helped students to walkthrough the test; In the meantime, I was taking notes by using Optimal Workshop, Reframer. The tests were also recorded using Camtasia. 

When analyzing the results, I firstly checked out this chord diagram generated by Reframer on Optimal Workshop and explored the relationships between tagged observations and spot key themes. More particularly, this diagram helped me to understand how users completed every task. If a task had multiple tags like "simple" or "easy", I took notes and moved to the next one. If a task had tags like "confusing", I went back to the notes and tried to find out the answers. ​​​



Data Analysis


  • A calendar should be created on the homepage so that students will be able to register workshops directly from the site instead of going to another page. 

  • The red box of "stream quiz" should be added under every "stream" page.

  • The homepage includes too many pictures of “register now” and logos of skills21 which are quite redundant. Simplicity is important!

  • Social media channels are not easy to find. The icons should be bigger and more visible. 

Future Work

We had a debrief meeting with the web developer from McGill IT. I helped her to redesign the sitemap and wireframes for the homepage and subpages. We also decided to conduct more tests when the next semester begins because some features might be changed accordingly, and we would like to learn what newly admitted undergraduate students think about our site. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.04.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.05.29 AM.png

​2019 Collin Wang