Project Brief

The website is a platform for users (e.g., applicants, students, researchers) to acquire information and access resources provided by the Sheffield iSchool. It shoulders the responsibilities of both achieving organizational goals and serving the users. However, the current iSchool website has several issues that prevent itself from fulfilling its responsibilities. This redesign project aims to solve the website’s information architectural problems and enhance the overall user experience with the site. We had a group of 3 researchers. For this project, my responsibilities included conducting competitive benchmarking analysis, top-down information architecture analysis, and redesigning the sitemap. 

Research Questions:

  • What are the website’s objectives?

  • Who uses the website, what are their goals and tasks?

  • What’s on the website now, how is the existing content structured, what should the website include, and how should the website be structured in a meaningful and usable way? 


Goals: ​

  • Provide information about the educational programs and courses offered by the iSchool.

  • Provide information about admissions and research conducted at the iSchool.

  • Provide information about people and careers in information studies.

  • Promote Sheffield iSchool’s unique resources, facilities, research projects, news, and events.

  • Provide sufficient help for users to find information and communicate with the iSchool.


  • A competitive benchmarking analysis of 25 iSchool Caucus members’ websites

  • A content inventory and content model of Sheffield iSchool website’s existing content

  • A top-down information architecture analysis of the current homepage

  • A navigation stress test of an inside page of the current site


Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

Content Model

Content Model

Top Down & Stress Test

Top-Down & Stress Test

Content Inventory

Content Inventory


  • Reduce the number of top-level categories in global navigation, and re-organize some content chunks into categories at different hierarchical levels

  • Change the primary topical global navigation from the left sidebar to a horizontal bar

  • Create a secondary audience-based global navigation in addition to the topical one

  • Develop an iSchool-level search system with filtering and sorting functions

  • Remove redundant content and dead links, update old content, rename inconsistent labels



Main pages

Menu Page & Content Page

Main pages

Homepage & Search Page


I'm Collin. I am a UX Researcher at Kinaxis, a supply chain management software company based in Ottawa, Ontario. 


Previously, I was a HCI Researcher at McGill University's Accessible Computing Technology (ACT) lab, advised by Prof. Karyn Moffatt and Dr. Carolyn Pang. My research focused on designing an interactive tabletop display to support older adults in learning how to use smart devices. 

I hold a BA in Communications from University of Washington and an MS focused on Human-Computer Interaction from McGill University. I am passionate about studying, designing, and building new technologies that can better accommodate a diversity of needs.


I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. If you enjoyed looking through my work and would like to know more about me, please contact me!


Phone: +1.613.700.5491

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